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Peach banana smoothie September 6, 2009

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Sometimes, in scorching summer heat like this, all I want to do is settle down with a nice cool glass of something refreshingly cold. And after coming home and escaping from 100 degree heat, I did just that. I made myself a peach banana smoothie. It satisfied my craving perfectly – it was cold, it was thick, and it was healthy. It didn’t leave me feeling guilty either for indulging in something so good! At home, I can control what goes into my food and drink, so this smoothie has no added loads of sugar or high fructose syrup stuff like those other drinks from fast food and drink places. Plus… one of the best parts for a poor college student like me – this smoothie was free!

peachban smoothie

Peach Banana Smoothie

This smoothie can be made with whatever yogurt and fruit you happen to have in your fridge or freezer. I had some peach yogurt in the fridge, so I used that. I imagine vanilla, strawberry, or other fruity flavors would make some great flavor combinations too. If you don’t have yogurt, feel free to use milk or soymilk. Smoothies are incredibly flexible!

Crushed ice (amount varies with the size of your glass)
1 frozen banana, chopped
6 oz. peach flavored yogurt

Fill your glass halfway with crushed ice. Add the yogurt on top of the ice (whether you’re using milk or yogurt, your glass should be about 3/4 full). Pour into the blender and blend a bit before adding the chopped banana. Blend the mixture until smooth. Pour back into your glass and enjoy! Easy right?